Rules Quiz Questions L1

  1. What colour stakes indicate out-of-bounds on a golf course?
  2. When you take three shots at a par four what is this called?
  3. How much time are you allowed when searching for a lost ball?
  4. In a Strokeplay competition are you allowed to practice on the golf course before your round begins?
  5. How many clubs are you allowed in your golf bag during a competition?
  6. What must you do after playing a shot from a bunker?
  7. Are you allowed to ground your club in a hazard marked by yellow stakes?
  8. How many penalty strokes do you receive for hitting the wrong ball?
  9. Are you allowed to tee your golf ball up, in front of or ahead of the markers on the tee box?
  10. How many shots must you take on a par three to make a bogey?
  11. Your golf ball makes a pitch mark on the green what must you do?
  12. In a short-course golf competition, how many shots are you allowed at each hole?
  13. You strike your golf ball and it starts to go toward’s another person what must you do?