Rules Quiz Level Two

 Golf Rules.Answer
1How long am I permitted to look for a lost golf ball?3 minutes.
2When taking relief from a penalty area will I incur a penalty?Yes, A one-stroke penalty.
3Are you allowed to take practice swings in penalty areas without penalty, just as you can on the fairway or in the rough?Yes
4Your golf ball accidentally moves on putting must replace it and incur no penalty
5From what height must I drop a golf ball back into play? you must do so from knee height
6If I accidentally move my golf ball when searching for it what must I do? You must replace it without penalty
7If at the end of a competitive round I return my card without having signed it, will I be disqualified from the competition? Yes
8Can I remove loose impediments (stones, leaves, twigs, etc) in a bunker Yes
9If I double hit my golf ball when making a golf stroke will I incur a penalty?No. There is No Penalty for a double hit – it only counts as one stroke
10How quickly must I play?You must keep up with the group in front of you.