Rules Quiz Level One

 Question Answer
1If you score a 3 on a par 4, what did you make?Birdie
2Where do you place your coin or marker on the green when you need to mark your ball?Behind the Ball.
3If you score a 6 on a Par 5, what did you make?Bogey.
4What must you do after playing a shot from a Bunker?Rake the bunker.
5Your golf ball accidentally moves on the putting green.Replace it without incurring a penalty.
6Can you Bring your golf bag and trolley onto the putting green?No
7How many clubs are you allowed in your bag? Fourteen
8True or False: After playing a round of golf, you should always shake hands with the people you played with. Ture.
9When playing golf, do you want to have the lowest score or the highest score?Lowest score.
10If you miss-hit your golf ball and it is going towards another person what must you shout out loud and clear?FOUR.
11Where must you stand when a player is taking a golf shot? You must stand facing towards them.
12When dropping a ball back into play, from what height must I do so.Knee Height.