How to use the website

Over the last fifteen years the mission of Claregolf is to assist with the development and growth of the junior golf here in our county. That effort has resulted in a successful junior county competition structure, the growth in numbers participating in national competitions and a new look website. Our county website provides the junior golfer with access to their own personal dashboard. The dashboard provides the golfer with a three-stage pathway of improving their golfing ability.

Each of the three levels on this pathway offers various challenges as well as instruction.

  • On Courses Practice. Record nine-hole scores and putts taken.
  • Rules Quiz. Answer five questions from a bank of fifteen questions.
  • Short game Challenges. Complete the challenges and record you scores.
  • Instruction Booklet.
  • Instruction videos.

Once the on-course practice rounds and short game skills challenges are completed, the scores achieved are then submitted onto your dashboard. This data is then summarised and brought to life in an overview page for the member.

Securing access to a members dashboard requires the following steps.

Step 1.

  • Logon to the site
  • Access the registration page.
  • Complete, and submit the information requested.

Step 2.

Contact your Club junior officer or golf professional informing them you have completed step 1.

The junior officer or Club professional will then enable the function keys on your dashboard.

  • Add a scorecard.
  • Take the rules quiz.
  • Add skills test scores.

Tournament Entry.

The ability to enter any of the Claregolf junior tournaments is only possible after you have completed step 1.