2022 Short Course League Rd1

Dear parents and junior golfers,

Let me start by thanking everyone who took part in the Parkland County Championships at East Clare on August 22nd, we hope you all enjoyed yourselves at the event, and well done to all the winners on the day.

We also wish to inform you of the upcoming event for this autumn. We are now delighted to announce the introduction of the U13 Short Course Interclub League.

  • All players taking part in the League will as usual have one hundred points standing on the first tee at each event.
  • The league will have four nine-hole events.
  • Each player will be allowed a maximum of nine shots per hole (a total of 81 shots).
  • The player's shots total at the end of their round will be subtracted from their one hundred points and the balance will be their score for that round (E.g. 100 points minus 81 shots leaves a points total of 19).
  • This league is for both Boys and Girls.
  • The green fee at each event is €5.
  • All junior golfers must be under thirteen years of age on January 1st, 2022.
  • The maximum number of players on each team at each League outing is eight.
  • The League is a stroke format. The same as all the previous U13 events.
  • The team score after each round will be the five best-returned cards from the club's nominated eight players.
  • After each round, your team scores are added to give your clubs league total for that round.
  • There will be four events, East Clare, Lahinch, Spanish Point, and Shannon.
The first event takes place at East Clare on Sunday the 18th of September starting at 2pm for the red tee players
At the end of the four rounds, the club with the most points will be the 2022 U13 league county winners. winners.
To take part please enter online at www.claregolf.ie.

Mixed U13 - Stroke

East Clare Red Tees


Mixed U11 - Stroke

East Clare (SC) Orange Tees

Tadhg Mccarthy Spanish Point Golf Club 12 35
Seanie Connellan Spanish Point Golf Club 13 33
Stephen Pearse Shannon Golf Club 12 0
Samuel davern East Clare Golf Club 11 0
Oran Hehir Spanish Point Golf Club 9 0
MJ Hehir Spanish Point Golf Club 11 24
Maxwell Davern East Clare Golf Club 11 0
Liam O’Callaghan East Clare Golf Club 9 0
Jayden Murray Spanish Point Golf Club 12 0
Jack O'Donnell Shannon Golf Club 10 26
Hugo McMahon East Clare Golf Club 8 0
Gregory Tucker Shannon Golf Club 0 24
Gearoid Mannion East Clare Golf Club 12 36
Ethan O’Brien Shannon Golf Club 10 0
Dylan Corry Spanish Point Golf Club 13 0
Conor Connellan Spanish Point Golf Club 9 0
Colm Whelan Woodstock Golf and Country Club 13 28
Colm Hourigan Shannon Golf Club 9 0
Calum Hogan Spanish Point Golf Club 11 0
Caimin Heffernan East Clare Golf Club 0 0
Ben Torpey Spanish Point Golf Club 9 0
Andrew Staunton Shannon Golf Club 11 28
Amélie McMahon East Clare Golf Club 10 0
Adam Torpey Spanish Point Golf Club 11 36
Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
2pm  A.Staunton (Shn) Red tees C. Rochford (EC) Red tees MJ.Hehir (SP) Red tees
2.10pm G. Mannion (EC) Red tees G. Tucker (Shn) Red tees J. Murray (SP) Red tees
2.20pm C. Whelan (Shn) Red tees C. Hogan (SP) Red tees E. McNamara (Shn) Red tees
2.30pm J. ODonnell (Shn) Red tees D. Corry (SP) Red tees S. Pearse (Shn ) Red tees
2.40pm S. Connellan (SP) Red tees C. Hourigan (Shn) Red tees A. Torpey (SP) Red Tees
2.50pm O. Hehir (SP) Orange tees L . OCallaghan (EC) Orange tees T. McCarthy (SP) Orange tees
3pm C. Connellan (SP) Orange tees M. Davern (EC)  Orange tees B. Torpey (SP) Orange tees
3.10pm S. Davern (EC) Orange tees H. McMahon (EC) Orange tees
3,20pm C. Heffernan (EC) Orange tees E. Brien (SGC) Orange tees
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U13 Mixed Stroke

Course: East Clare Red Tees

#NameClubHandicapScore Total
1MJ HehirSpanish Point Golf Club  2440 40 (View)
2Jayden MurraySpanish Point Golf Club  045 45 (View)
3Ethan O’BrienShannon Golf Club  051 51 (View)
4Dylan CorrySpanish Point Golf Club  052 52 (View)
5Calum HoganSpanish Point Golf Club  053 53 (View)
6Seanie ConnellanSpanish Point Golf Club  3353 53 (View)
7Gearoid MannionEast Clare Golf Club  3653 53 (View)
8Colm WhelanWoodstock Golf and Country Club  2855 55 (View)
9Gregory TuckerShannon Golf Club  2456 56 (View)
10Stephen PearseShannon Golf Club  058 58 (View)
11Andrew StauntonShannon Golf Club  059 59 (View)
12Adam TorpeySpanish Point Golf Club  3662 62 (View)
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U11 Mixed Stroke

Course: East Clare (SC) Orange Tees

#NameClubHandicapScore Total
1Oran HehirSpanish Point Golf Club  035 35 (View)
2Samuel davernEast Clare Golf Club  045 45 (View)
3Caimin HeffernanEast Clare Golf Club  046 46 (View)
4Ben TorpeySpanish Point Golf Club  047 47 (View)
5Maxwell DavernEast Clare Golf Club  048 48 (View)
6Tadhg MccarthySpanish Point Golf Club  3549 49 (View)
7Hugo McMahonEast Clare Golf Club  052 52 (View)
8Liam O’CallaghanEast Clare Golf Club  055 55 (View)
9Conor ConnellanSpanish Point Golf Club  057 57 (View)
10Amélie McMahonEast Clare Golf Club  060 60 (View)
11Colm HouriganShannon Golf Club  063 63 (View)
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